Yesterday I wrote on twitter: “coming up with seemingly ridiculous ideas is the only thing that differentiates us from the machines”

Machine Learning Interviewing Guide

  • cut and paste various topics from wikipedia, etc. into a book
  • self-publish on amazon or make own website to get higher percentage of the revenue
  • I’m not an expert on ML, but who cares…

Writing, for the sake of writing

  • start writing weird short stories for practice
  • maybe write something on

  • A dating site for entrepreneurs without ideas or products, but who have some free time in their day job
  • there are more people than you’d think that fall into that category

Swiss TurboTax

  • Javascript tax optimization tool for expats living in Switzerland
  • Visualization with sliders etc based on user inputs
  • Confidentiality would be very important
  • Export / import to excel and PDF
  • How would I monetize it though?

ML or Data Science for Dummies

  • An HTML visualization of common machine learning algorithms
  • It would be cool, if you could simply upload and excel or csv and everything would be done for you automatically

Message in a bottle

  • A super simple web app to create a message in a bottle
  • Which would send you your message in 1-5 years (and keep a history of it)
  • As an aside, we could anonimize and publish in a book… :-)

Javascript keyboard

  • Another technology idea was to create a little javascript library that would allow people to type the way that they would on a smart phone. This was motivated by my own problem, when I thought about writing something in Polish, and realized that it was easier with my Sony Android because it was so clever about suggesting words that I might be thinking about. I wonder if other non-native speakers have this same type of problem.