JAXR 1.0 The Java API for XML Registries (JAXR) specification defines a standard set of APIs that allow Java clients to access UDDI. Like JAX-RPC, JAXR is the second web service–related specification to be pruned, with its removal proposed in the next version of Java EE. If the pruning is accepted, JAXR will still keep on evolving, but outside Java EE.

JAX-RS is a Java API, shipped with Java EE 6, that simplifies RESTful web service development. With a set of annotations, you can define the path and subpaths of your resource, extract different kinds of parameters, or map to HTTP methods (@GET, @POST, etc.). When developing RESTful web services, you must think about resources, how they are linked together, and how to manage their state using HTTP.

  • JAAS: Java Authorization and Authentication Service
  • PAM : Plugable Authentication modules
  • Acegi: popular open source authorization and authentication system
  • JPA: Java Peristence Architecture
  • JMX: Java Management eXtensions
  • JCA: J2EE Connector Architecture
  • jax-rpc (old xml) and jax-ws (new soap based)

SAAJ (Soap with Attachments API for Java), JAXP (Java API for XML Parsing), and StAX (Streaming API for XML) to provide core support for basic web services to the Java EE platform

JAXR stands for Java API for XML Registries. Like the registries themselves, this API has seen little adoption since its inception and is not an important part of the platform to focus on.

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